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Managing Your Account

Account Profile

Subbit makes it easy to manage your outgoings (and incomings) with your Subbit Account Overview.  In an instant, you can see how you spend, how many subscriptions you hold, how much you pledge in donations, how many vouchers you’re due and how much spending you have remaining in your subscriptions.  You can also see how much cashback SBT you’ve earned in rewards and use that to reduce your next months spending!



Your customer profile doesn’t just look pretty.  Our blockchain based database holds a record of all of your transactions on the Subbit network effectively building an in-app credit score, allowing you access to a greater portfolio of products offered by vendors.

Discover New Subscriptions


Subbit has simplified the registration process by supporting Google and Facebook API, allowing for 2 click registration. Rather than having to complete complicated direct debit forms and credit applications, Subbit allows you to be registered and accessing subscriptions within minutes.



Once registered users can discover and enjoy a limitless number of subscriptions offered by all of your favourite vendors and the services and products that you are passionate about. If you love it, subb it.

Complete Subscription Management

My Subbs & Favourites

Subbit allows users to enjoy complete control over their subscriptions. Favourite subscriptions that interest you, manage your donations, and keep track of your monthly spending effortlessly.


Voucher Management

Subbit’s unique voucher management suite is designed to make it easy for businesses to create subscriptions out of virtually any product of service. Subbit’s clever code collection and vendor EPOS app integrate for the perfect retail experience. Whether businesses are offering vouchers, vouchers packs, discounts, monthly spending or just traditional subscriptions, we’ve got the tool to make it an effortless and frictionless experience.

Handling Payment

Traditional Payment Methods

Subbit supports the most extensive range of traditional payment types, as well as supporting electronic formats such as paypal and Google Pay. This means you can be up and running with a subscription in a matter of moments.


Cryptocurrency Support

Solving the age old problems of spend-case and speed in the cryptocurrency space, Subbit allows instant preloading of our wallet supported by Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major Cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, Subbit’s native currency (SBT) can be used and spent on the platform, and is rewarded to our customers.

In App Messaging

Private Messaging

Subbit connects businesses with their customers like never before, using our intuitive in-app messaging system. Businesses can build genuine relationships and improve on personalised customer service by communicating on a one to one basis with their customers.


Broadcast Messaging

Whether businesses are trying to upsell, promote or simply inform their clients of a change to opening hours, the broadcast messaging function allows businesses to reach the entirety of their user base in a single, simple swoop. No need to covertly collect phone numbers and emails anymore.

The Complete Subscription Ecosystem

The Subbit Ecosystem is designed from the ground up to be the backbone of global subscriptions. We've created every tool to make managing subscriptions fast, accessible, intuitive and simple both customers and vendors

    For Users

    Android/IOS App

    The Subbit App (for Android and Apple) is the engine of our marketplace. It gives our users instant access to everything they need to enjoy subscriptions. The features include our patent-pending Subscription Management System (SSMS), one-to-one messaging, unlimited payment methods, budgeting tools and a subbit profile.

    Website Subscription Marketplace

    Our Subbit responsive website gives you access to the entire Subbit marketplace from desktop PC’s. You can find, view, browse and share all of the packages, as well as have access to full vendor profiles.

    For Vendors

    Subbit Smart EPOS App™

    The Subbit Smart Epos App™ is smart free app (for Android and Apple) that allows vendors to experience the full power of Subbit at their Point of Sale. Manage subscriptions, collect vouchers, find customers, initiate/answer customer queries and broadcast promotions via your (iOS or Android) phone or tablet for a near frictionless transaction experience.

    Vendor Admin Panel

    Power your vendor profile, set up your teams and drive your business forward from our mobile responsive admin panel software. Utilise the full management tools that allow you to build teams, run reports and truly get the most out of your subscriptions on Subbit.

    Subbit is the first open subscription marketplace,
    leading the way in the democratised subscription economy

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